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Our companions are the real deal and they offer a variety of services including; Escort & Massage Services in Chandigarh".


In the hustle and bustle of modern life, sometimes we need to feel safe and secure. There are some people who are so busy that they cannot be with their families on a daily basis. For these couples, Chandigarh Escort Service can offer this security for them with Housewife Escorts.



If you are a person who is away from the family due to working on different shifts and you have to spend time in hotels, then we can offer the best housewife escort services to make your life happy. These housewife escorts are dedicated and they really love their work and they always try to maintain their standard high so that they can fulfill our clients' expectations. They know that every client has his/her own desires; therefore, they are always ready to give them best service.

Veena – An Escort

Veena is a 32-year-old housewife from the southern Indian city of Chennai. She works as an escort in the evenings and on weekends, but her husband has no idea that she does this for a living. Veena works as an escort because she has to make enough money to take care of her two small children by herself.

"I'm okay with it," Veena told me. "My husband cheated on me. I was only with him because of the children. So since he's not taking care of them, I have to do it myself."

Veena is from Bangalore, a large city in the southern state of Karnataka. She's not interested in going back home even though her family still lives there. She's been in Chennai for the past six years and she doesn't have any friends or a support system there anymore.

"My parents don't know what I'm doing," Veena told me. "I just call them every few days and tell them to send me some money until my husband starts paying for everything again."

Veena's husband works at a large telecommunications company in Chennai, but he's been laid off for the past six months. The couple came to Chennai so that he could go to graduate school, but Veena didn't like it there. She wanted to go back home and finish her degree, so they ended up staying in a small apartment there instead of renting a place of their own.

Veena told him that she was afraid to return to Bangalore since it's a big city, but her husband says he doesn't understand why she's always so scared.

"We can live here together," Veena told her husband. "I just worry about the children. I don't want them to be anywhere near my in-laws. If I go back there and something happens, it'll be my fault."

Veena's husband doesn't know that she works as an escort, but he knows that she meets people to get money. He's a little suspicious of her, but he doesn't say anything because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.

"I sometimes tell him I'm going shopping or meeting a friend," Veena told me. "I tell him I'll call him when I get back."

Like most of the other women who work as escorts, Veena takes her husband's money and leaves the country whenever she needs it. She has a good job in aviation leasing and she can afford to pay cash for everything she buys, but she doesn't trust him with her credit cards or bank account.


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"It's so stressful," Veena said. "If he knew about these things, he would just leave me right away. I just want to do something fun with my money. I'm so tired of all this."

Veena wants her husband to get another job, but he's not making any effort to do that. He says it's fine for him to just play video games or watch movies all day. Veena wants him to help her raise the children and she doesn't understand why the two of them can't be a family anymore.

"I have no idea what I'm going to do," Veena told me. "I know it's wrong, but I just want to be happy. I want to be with someone who wants to take care of me and the kids."

Veena doesn't have any plans for the future and she doesn't have any dreams of what she wants her life to look like. She just knows that her family needs a lot of money quickly, so she's going to do what it takes to get that for them.

"I don't care if my husband never has a job again," Veena told me. "I don't care if my children have to live this way forever. I just want to be happy and I want them to be happy too."

And even though Veena knows it's not a good life, she also believes that the family will be okay.

"I'm just doing what I have to do," Veena said. "I'm still here, so that means everything is going to be okay."

When I asked Veena why she didn't go back home, she said there was nothing for her back home. Even though there are things that she wants to do and places she wants to see, her family is more important than anything else.

Veena knows that she shouldn't have to make this kind of choice, but she doesn't have any other options. She worries about the future, but her husband is happy sitting at home so there's nothing for her to worry about.

I don't know what Veena's life looks like one year from now, but I know that it'll be a lot different than how it was before. She's an escort for a living and that's all she does. She doesn't have anything else. She only wants to make the money she needs and she doesn't care how that happens.

"I'm scared," Veena told me, "but I don't care anymore."

Veena is doing what she has to do. That's all anyone can ever do in any situation. We all have problems that we have to deal with every day and we try our best to make it through them without hurting anyone else or ourselves.

Veena is just like everyone else, except her problems are different from most people's problems. Even though she's making bad decisions and it'll probably end badly in the future, she's still doing what she has to do.


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